Steps in building a house

Steps to build a house


Starting a house construction needs a step-by-step approach. These steps in building a house is essential to complete construction work successfully.

Here, we give an overview of these steps required during the house construction.

Steps in building a house

  1. Approval of map as per local authorities
  2. Water supply connection or tube well boring
  3. A tent or ordinary room for the placement of cement and tools
  4. Demarcation of the plot as per the layout plan
  5. Excavation of foundation, water tank, and septic tank
  6. Foundation works of concrete and bricks works
  7. Filling the 5 Marla plot with soil up to the Plinth beam
  8. Compaction of soil
  9. Brick works on Ground Floor
  10. Steel chokhat fitting for first floor
  11. Sheltering works for first floor
  12. Steel fixing and electrical conduit fixing for the first floor
  13. Concrete works for the first floor
  14. Bricks Works for the second story
  15. Steel chokhat fitting for second floor
  16. Sheltering works for the second floor
  17. Steel fixing and electrical conduit fixing for the second floor
  18. Concrete works for the second floor
  19. Momty and parda wall
  20. Plumbing pipes work and electrical conduit fixing in Walls
  21. Ground floor concrete 
  22. Plaster works
  23. Marble and tiles work
  24. Grinding works of floors
  25. Metal windows, main gate, and glass Works
  26. Wood works for doors and cupboards
  27. Electrical wiring and fitting works
  28. Remaining plumbing fitting works
  29. White wash works
  30. Security system and camera installation

Special points to consider

Contract with Builders

A written contract is necessary before starting construction work. All construction steps are needed to communicate clearly with builders. The payment schedule should also be clearly mentioned in written documents. The lag of written contracts will create conflicts during construction works.

Financial Record Book

Payments during construction are frequently released to multiple contractors. A good record keeping of payment is essential for clarity and smooth working. A separate logbook is required for this purpose.

Hiring a Security Guard during construction work

During construction work at night, hiring a security guard is recommended in many areas. The core responsibility is to protect the building materials and tools of masons.


For a gray structure of 5 Marla double story house, approximately 2~3 months is required.

It takes 4~6 Month time to complete a double story 5 Marla house.

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