Gravel Prices

Gravel prices


Gravel prices or Crush prices and demand is increasing rapidly due to the increase in construction projects in many countries. Gravel/Crush is also called bajri in the local language in Pakistan. Gravel prices are required for the estimation of construction works. Different types and sizes of crushes are available in different cities of Pakistan.

This article gives an updated price list of gravel for different grades. Also, different types of sand and their uses are discussed in greater detail. These details are helpful for construction cost estimation.

Gravel/Crush brands available in Pakistan

There are two types of brands available in Pakistan. One is the Margalla brand, and the other is the Sargodha brand. Margalla brand is famous in the Capital region and nearby regions. At the same time, the Sargodha brand is famous in Punjab regions.

Crush Important Grades and sizes

Grade #SizeUsage
#12~4 inches Filling purpose
#30.5~2 inchesrailroad
#51 inchesRoad and paver
#80.375~0.5 inchesConcrete works
#100.125 inches or smallerConcrete blocks

Gravel prices according to sizes

Gravel/Crush/Bajri prices per CFT (PKR)

BrandSize of CrushRate per CFT
Margalla2 sooter(1/4 inches)130
Margalla3 sooter(3/8inches)135
Margalla4 sooter(1/2 inches)180
Sargodha2 sooter(1/4 inches)125
Sargodha3 sooter(3/8inches)130
Sargodha4 sooter(1/2 inches)135

Gravel/Crush/Bajri prices per Trolly 200 CFT (PKR)

BrandSize of CrushPer trolly200CFT
Margalla2 sooter(1/4 inches)26000
Margalla3 sooter(3/8inches)27000
Margalla4 sooter(1/2 inches)36000
Sargodha2 sooter(1/4 inches)25000
Sargodha3 sooter(3/8inches)26000
Sargodha4 sooter(1/2 inches)27000

Gravel/Crush/Bajri prices per Damper 1000 CFT (PKR)

BrandSize of CrushPer Damper1000CFT
Margalla2 sooter(1/4 inches)130000
Margalla3 sooter(3/8inches)135000
Margalla4 sooter(1/2 inches)180000
Sargodha2 sooter(1/4 inches)125000
Sargodha3 sooter(3/8inches)130000
Sargodha4 sooter(1/2 inches)135000


Crush/ gravel/Bajri is an important ingredient in concrete. The gravel price is increasing with increasing size of gravel. The important sizes are 3 and 4 sooter in Pakistan, mostly used in the construction works of buildings.


½ inches gravel is normally used in concrete

Gravel is measured in cubic feet (CFT)

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