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Bricks are the basic building blocks of any construction building or house in Pakistan. Bricks prices has a rising trend due to economic conditions in Pakistan. Bricks selection is an important step in the construction of a house.

In this article, we provide details about bricks types along with the prices of bricks. Also, we provide basic calculations of brick quantities and factors while selecting bricks.

Types of Bricks

Different types of bricks for construction purposes are listed below:

Engineering Bricks

Engineering bricks are used for water resistance, acid resistance and high-strength applications. These applications are used in building foundations, sewerage lines and in high-strength requirements.

Sand Lime Bricks

Bricks made of lime and sand. Usually used in the United states and Germany.

Fly Ash Bricks

Fly ash bricks are made of fly ash, sand, cement and lime. These bricks are molded at high temperatures and pressure. These bricks are eco-friendly.

Burnt Clay Bricks

Ordinary bricks used in most of construction works.

Concrete Bricks

Concrete bricks are made of coarse sand and cement, compressed in a mold and then cured. Concrete Bricks are also called concrete blocks.

Bricks Prices in Pakistan

Last Updated on 7 May, 2024

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Famous Bricks Brand in Pakistan

In Pakistan, in every city  local brands are famous. No specific Brand is famous for all regions. The reason is due to heavy transportation costs. Therefore, different brands are available in different cities of Pakistan.

Brick Selection Criteria

Bricks should be uniform in size and free of cracks. Also Color should be uniform. The edge should not be broken and size should be uniform. 


In conclusion, bricks and cement blocks are basic building materials in house construction. Bricks selection needs special attention before starting construction works. About 10 to 15% of total cost is consumed in bricks during construction of houses. Additionally, brick size and color uniformity should be checked before purchasing bricks


The Clay brick is 9×4.5×3 inches in Pakistan

Kinker brick is clay brick that is burned and hardened. It is usually used in foundation works in Pakistan.

A-grade brick is high-quality brick, which is uniform in size, shape and free of cracks.

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