5 Marla House Construction Cost

5 Marla Cost Estimation of a house


House is a dream in everyone’s life. In Pakistan, where people are struggling for basic needs, 5 Marla houses are extremely difficult to build, and yet they are basic needs for every family. The 5 Marla house construction cost require a step-by-step cost estimation.

For this cost estimation, we provide details of costing to construct a 5 Marla house. The details include gray structure details, finishing details, and other essential works.

Size of 5 Marla House in Pakistan

25 x 50 feet is the standard size in Pakistan for 5 Marla. Most of the people in Pakistan can afford 5 Marla houses. This size varies slightly in different housing societies. 25 x 45 feet is also common in some housing societies.

Basic Layout of 5 Marla house

The basic common Layout in Pakistan is two bedrooms, one drawing room, one kitchen, a car porch, and two bathrooms. The basic 5 Marla layout is same for double story house . The full two-story detailed construction cost is given below:

5 Marla House Construction Cost Estimation

Pre Construction Cost (PKR)
Map Approval30000
Tube Well and Pump230000
A tent and an Ordinary Place for storage80000
Excavation Works 30000
Material Cost(PKR)
Bricks rate=24/unit, Quantity= 550001320000
Cement rate=1310, Quantity=620812200
Sand rate=82/cft, Quantity=3200262400
Crush rate=158/Cft, Quantity=1800284400
Protection Works(PKR)
Roof Protection35916
Termite Protection8000
Water Protection16644
Steel Requirements(PKR)
Steel  Rate=26000/ton, Quantity =3 ton780000
Plumbing Works(PKR)
Drainage Pipes and fittings80000
Water Pipes50000
Fitting for water pipes30000
Gas pipes and fitting70000
Floor drain20000
AC Drainage System16000
Sewerage Piping35000
Labor Cost for plumbing185000
Electrical Works(PKR)
Switches and boards300000
Conduits and accessories60000
Wire and cables350000
Light bulbs and Fans250000
Labor cost120000
Marble and Tiles Works(PKR)
Marbles and skirtings250000
Tilles and bonds250000
Labor cost400000
Wooden Works and windows(PKR)
Wardrobes and cabinets800000
Aluminum Windows250000
Metal Works(PKR)
Main Gate and Manholes150000
Fitting and Fixtures(PKR)
Kitchen  sinks and mixers60000
Bathroom fitting and accessories350000
Miscellaneous Costs(PKR)
Electric Meters50000
Gas meters60000
Water Tanks60000
Paint works450000
Security Installation Camera etc.40000
Grand Total Estimated Cost (PKR)9265560


This cost estimation gives an idea for construction of a 5 Marla house. Also, this estimation give budget requirement at different stage for construction of a house.

This estimation can be used for initial budget estimation for 5 Marla double story building. These estimation can slightly vary in different region of Pakistan.

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