Cement Rate Today

Cement rate today


Cement is a basic ingredient in concrete, which is a mixture of different elements like sand, gravel, cements. These elements are mix with water for bonding purpose. Concrete is used for construction of houses and other infrastructures. 

Knowing updated cement rates is essential for budget estimation of any construction works . The following table gives updated rates of cements per 50kg bag in Pakistan.

53 grade cement rate today in Pakistan

White cement prices in Pakistan

Factor affected cement prices

Cement prices are affected by multiple factors. These factors are regional inflation rates, supply and demand, peak construction seasons, transportation costs, and currency fluctuations. 

Limestone is the raw material of cement which is available in different parts of the world. The price of raw material is stable. Therefore cement price fluctuation is not affected by raw material.

In some regions, when buying more than 100 bags of cement, transportation cost is zero.


Lucky Cement Ltd is the largest manufacturer in Pakistan producing 15.3 million tons of cement annually.

For maintenance purposes, small amounts 1kg, 5kg bags are available in sanitary stores. However, the prices of these bags are higher.

The prices of cement are relatively stable. But, it changes mainly with supply and demand and also with raw materials prices changes

53 grade cement means achieving 53MPa compressive strength after 28 days of  curing.

White cement is more expensive because its raw materials are more expensive than raw materials of gray cement.

Lucky cement

Bestway cement

DG Khan cement

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