Sand Prices

Sand Prices


Sand demand is increasing daily due to rapid urbanization in many countries. As for cost estimation, knowing updated sand prices is required. Different types of sand are available in different cities of Pakistan.

In this article, we provided the updated prices of sand available in Pakistan. Also, different types of sand and their uses are discussed in great detail. These details are enough for the estimation of construction cost estimation. 

Different brands of sand in Pakistan

Mostly, sand is naturally available in rivers in Pakistan. This sand is extracted and distributed in different cities through damper trucks. The famous types of sand available in Pakistan are:

  • Sand Ghazi
  • Sand Ravi
  • Sand Lawrencepur
  • Chenab sand
  • Ghassu sand

Sand Prices in Pakistan

Sand Prices per CFT (PKR)

S.NoBrand NamePrice Per CFT
1Ghazi Sand190
2Lawrencepur Sand180
3Ravi Sand58
4Chenab Sand A78
5Chenab Sand B62
6Ghassu sand40
Last Updated on 14 April, 2024

Sand Prices per Trolly 200CFT (PKR)

S.NoBrand NameTrolly rate200 CFT
1Ghazi Sand38000
2Lawrencepur Sand36000
3Ravi Sand11600
4Chenab Sand A15600
5Chenab Sand B12400
6Ghassu sand8000

Sand Prices per Damber 1000 CFT (PKR)

S.NoBrand NameDamber Rate1000 CFT
1Ghazi Sand190000
2Lawrencepur Sand180000
3Ravi Sand58000
4Chenab Sand A78000
5Chenab Sand B62000
6Ghassu sand40000

Different types of sand in Pakistan

There are two basic types of sand used in construction works. One is the Course type of sand used in the concrete and brickworks. The other sand is fine sand used for plaster and finishing works of walls.

Uses of Sand in Construction

Sand is the basic ingredient in concrete. Sand is used in brick works, foundation works and concrete. In plaster works only a mixture of cement and fine sand is used. Sand is also used as damping materials in marbles fixing on floors.

Quality of sand

The quality of sand depends on the fineness of the sand. In Pakistan, Ghazi and Lawrencepur sand are the top-quality sand. This sand is free of mud and is mostly used in finishing works. Low-quality sand is a mixture of coarse and fine sand, and it is mixed with mud.

Factors Affecting Sand Prices

Mostly sand prices are affected by fuel prices in Pakistan. Second, the quality of sand affects the sand prices. Local people in urban areas extract sand from rivers, the cheapest sand in Pakistan.

Sand Estimations for construction

Sand estimation depends on construction works. For 5 Marla double-story houses, approximately 1000 CFT of coarse sand is required, and 500 CFT of fine sand is required for plaster works.


Sand prices depend on the quality of the sand. Fine sand used for finishing works is more costly than coarse sand. Also, sand prices depend on transportation costs in some areas.


Ghazi and Lawrencepur sand is the best sand in Pakistan.

CFT sand for cubic feet, unit for sand volume calculation.

Fine sand is usually used for plaster works

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