Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Solar panel price in Pakistan


Electricity costs are increasing day by day due to inflation and economic crises in Pakistan. Solar panel price in Pakistan is now at an all-time low. To lower electricity bills and obtain self-sustaining energy, Solar energy systems are the best option for renewable energy in Pakistan.

Installing Solar systems has increasing demand all over Pakistan. In this article, we provide the latest prices of solar panels of different brands in Pakistan. This article also provides an overview of the overall requirements and expenses of installing a solar system in a house.  

Types of solar panels

According to solar cells, there are two famous types of solar panels; one is monocrystalline solar panels that are efficient and expensive, and the other is polycrystalline solar panels.

Grades of solar panel

According to flaws, solar panels are divided into three grades. Grade A solar panels have no flaws or defects in their solar cells. Grade B solar cells have visual flaws or defects but do not affect the output power of solar panels. Grade C solar panels have internal defects and deficiencies that affect the output power of solar panels. Grade C solar panels have the lowest price, but their efficiency is lower. Grade B prices are lower than Grade A but higher than Grade C.

Famous Solar panel Brands Available in Pakistan

There are different brands available in the market, mostly manufactured in China. The famous brand are:

  • Longi
  • Jinko
  • JA
  • Canadian

Local brands of solar panels are also available in markets, but the market is captured by the brands discussed above.

Grade A Solar panel Price in Pakistan

Brand NamePrice per Watt (RS)Panel price (RS)
Longi Hi-Mo 6, 585 watt3721,645
Longi Hi-Mo 7, 580 watt3922,815
Jinko N type bifacial, 580 watt3822,040
Jinko N type A grade, 580 watt4023,200
Jinko P type bifacial, 560 watt3519,600
JA N type, 575 watt3620,700
JA 550 watt bifacial3820,710
Canadian Topcon, 575 watt3821,850
Canadian Topcon, 550 watt3418,700
Solar panel rates in Pakistan

Requirements for the complete Solar system

The following is the list of complete solar systems:

  • Solar panels as per load requirements
  • Mounting stands for Solar Panels installation
  • Inverter device for converting DC to AC
  • Electrical cables and thimbles
  • Breakers AC and DC
  • Batteries as Per Requirements

Estimated Price of different Kw Solar system

The solar system prices vary as per requirements and application. The Solar system includes Solar panels, inverters, mounting stands, electrical cables, breakers, and batteries for backups. The following table gives estimated prices for complete solar systems with different kw requirements.

System KwTotal Price (RS)
Solar system prices with kw

Solar System Installation guide

Installing a solar system needs proper calculation of the power load requirements in specific applications. Then, based on load requirements, solar panels, and inverters are selected along with cables and other electrical gadgets. 

After the selection of solar panels, a rigid structure should be designed to sustain solar panels firmly against wind and other environmental effects.

The safety of the solar system is also essential to avoid any fire and sparking accidents in the solar systems. Earthing of the solar system is also necessary to avoid thunderstorms and lighting failures.

Inverter settings, according to the operating manual, must be insured to achieve maximum efficiency of the solar system. 

Problems with Solar energy systems

The problem in the solar system can be solved through proper maintenance and special care. The few common issues of the solar system that occur are as follows:

  • Accumulation of dust and dirt on solar panels, which affects efficiency
  • Inverter malfunctioning and fusing due to heavy jerks in Power
  • Changes in the output power due to changes in temperature and humidity
  • Low output in the winter season, due to lower sunny hours
  • Maintenance and installation issues

The frequent problems with solar panels are the accumulation of mud and dirt. Also, bird droppings and pollen are acquired on the panels. These things reduce the efficiency of solar panels.

Solar inverters are a very important part of any solar system. The solar panel system does not operate without an inverter. Inverter settings should be set according to the manual; otherwise, it will cause malfunctions and failures.  

Factors affecting performance of solar panels

Different factors affect the performance and efficiency of the solar system. Some of these factors are:

  • Dust and dirt, which reduces the performance of the solar system. Therefore, periodic cleaning of solar panels is necessary.
  • Places that block sunlight lower the performance of the solar panels. Avoiding shady places during installation increases the efficiency of the solar system.
  • The tilt angle of solar panels also affects the solar system efficiency.
  • Poor installation and commissioning of panels can lead to catastrophic damage to the solar system.
  • Loose electrical wire connections can also affect the performance.
  • Fewer safety precautions also affect solar system performance.
  • Less sunlight hours, especially in winter, also affect the performance of the solar system.


In today’s energy crisis, the Solar System serves as a renewable energy source and is an emerging technology with efficient and cost-effective solutions, especially for house applications. 

In this article, we provide an overview of the prices of solar panels of famous brands available in Pakistan. We also discussed the estimated prices of different KW systems. Furthermore, different issues and problems regarding solar systems are discussed, which affect the performance of the solar systems.


The biggest drawback of solar systems is the initial capital cost.

 No, solar systems do not work at Night.

Solar panels generally are maintenance-free, but periodic cleaning is required for higher efficiency.

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